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Wang Hansong, Secretary of Party Committee of Dalian University (DUT) of Technology met Sergie, President of Belarusian State University (BSU)

Jul 7, 2017 Jiang Na

On the afternoon of 4thJuly, Wang Hansong, Secretary of Party Committee of DUT met Sergie, President of Belarusian State University, Anatoly Tocic, President of DUT-BSU Confucius Institute and their delegations in Room 312 of main building.

Mr. Wang in the meeting said that DUT and BSU have established close and friendly partnerships for a long time. There are fruitful achievements and this cooperation is win-win. Distinguished guests had conversations with Guo Dongming, President of DUT on strengthening further cooperation. Now Chinese government carried out“One-Belt One-Road”. Countries along “One-Belt One-Road” including Belarus give positive responses to this policy. The multi-level cooperation between DUT and BSU was a representation of taking part in “One-Belt One-Road” actively. Mr. Wang hoped that both sides can go on intensifying cooperation, have more results and offer intellectuality and power for “One-Belt One-Road”.

Sergie expressed that both sides have close cooperative relations since 2009. From that time to now, Confucius Institute, Plasma Research Center and China-Belarus joint college were established. Two sides expanded cooperation in many fields and achieved a lot of results. EspeciallyDUT-BSU Confucius Institutewas approved as a model Confucius Institute in 2016. This Confucius Institute has been was named the world's advanced Confucius Institute.

Anatoly Tocic hoped that DUT-BSU Confucius Institute could become the center of studying and spreading Chinese culture and make more contributions for the communication of Chinese and Belarusian culture.

Related personnel from Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and International Institute of Education accompanied the meeting.